Monday, August 4, 2014

The Girl With the Butterfly Tattoo

We went to the opening of a new exhibit at the art museum yesterday. French impressionism.  Beautiful pieces which you'll have to imagine because the look the gallery workers gave me clearly conveyed the many ways they would humiliate me if I so much as thought about taking a picture. Many of the painting titles were in Japanese, so the boys and I started making up names for them. You may recognize such masterpieces as: 

Golden Girls Bathroom Wallpaper
Monkey General 
Creepy Girl In Chair (You're About to Die)
Eh. So-So
Not Sure But I Definitely See Boobs
Bathroom Tile and a Ghost
Naked Rat Man

The only thing I was able to document was a beautiful display of butterflies in the entrance of the gallery. This one was my favorite:

Butterflies are very meaningful to me. I even have a tattoo of one if you can believe that!! I think I feel a connection to these winged creatures because I too feel that I am in a period of transition, cocooned in my chrysalis, digesting myself into a soupy mixture of caterpillar cells soon to be divided to form an adult butterfly. 

*Excuse the crappy phone pics. I'm still getting back into the swing of things over here.