Monday, April 14, 2014

Camp Khaki and The Matriarch

How is it that I can be standing in March one minute, then blink and suddenly it's the middle of April? Time is like the eternal watched pot that never boils.

Last week was Spring Break and while Cole went off to scout camp, Aidin and I were left to carry on alone. We ate pizza, explored around our favorite island haunts, watched movies,  swam in the sea and read a bunch of books. Miracle of miracles he never once complained of being bored, probably because every time he started a sentence with, "I'm b-" I screamed, "LET'S GO GET ICE CREAM!!!!!!"

 At the end of the week we went to scout camp to visit Cole, who showed us around, introduced us to his new friends and camp counselors and told us more stories than we could keep straight.  Every kid there was emanating the same electric joy and I'll admit, I felt a little guilty remembering that I was initially reluctant to let Cole join scouts. I've always thought of it as a utopia for nerds, instead of simply a utopia.  Maybe not my ideal, but someone's.  As my kids have gotten older I've started to realize that where their personal tastes are concerned, asserting my opinion belittles theirs. They're mature enough to know what they like and what they don't, or at least what interests them and what doesn't. I'm no parenting expert but I know that when I support and encourage, my kids thrive; When I manipulate or compel, they struggle. 

So I sat contently, huddled by the bonfire in a field of khaki as he recounted the harrowing tale of how he almost lost his eye.