Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Want To Shoot Marbles With You

 Time is flying.  We went to SLC this weekend to hang with my sister and her family and it always takes me back when I see how much older her kids look.  I don't feel like I'm getting older, but apparently everyone else is.
The boys love their cousins and it makes my heart happy to see them play.  

Watching them reminds me of the days when my cousins and I would act out scenes from Annie for the family and fantasize about which Newsies cast member we would make babies with.  
Oh to be 25 again...

But seriously, my cousin, sister and I took some pretty fabulous pictures while I was there.  
(Spot Conlon, if you're reading this... I still wanna shoot marbles with you.)
Yeah, that's my sister stroking our cheeks. This was literally the only shot of more than 40 where we all managed to keep a straight face.  It's hard not to laugh when your cousin salmons her hand into the every shot. (Also, congrats to her for taking the bar exam this week!  Future lawyer right there!)

We've been homeless now for three weeks and I've got to admit that it's really stressful sometimes.  We've been trying to prepare for this huge move to Japan, dealing with the things that are going wrong and trying not to freak out about them. As much as I truly enjoy staying with the in-laws and family, I've reached the point where I'm just ready to go.  Ready to make a home in Japan and get a bit of normalcy and routine back into my life.

Until then, you can find me by the pool reading a smutty paperback.

*Blue dress: GAP , red & white striped cardigan and red shorts: Old Navy, all accessories & Bow top Marshalls and sadly, that is not a t-shirt swimmer, but an old black shirt on top of a boring swimmer.