Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Con

My sweet, precious, admittedly spoiled youngest son has truly surprised me this time.
Yesterday he came home from the book fair with a bag of new books.  Seeing as his allowance is only $4 a week I looked at the receipt and inquired as to where he obtained $42. 
He nonchalantly looked at the receipt and said, "That's not my receipt.  This stuff was only like $15."
No suspicious pause or guilty eyes, just an easy as pie, gotta be true response.
Hmmm...well maybe the volunteers at the book fair gave him a discount for being flipping adorable. 

But then this morning when I stopped at the grocery store to grab Aidin lunch for his field trip,  I got my wallet out to pay and realized that it felt rather light. Empty, in fact.  I was stumped.  I swore I had at least $30 cash in my wallet.  

It was as though someone took it...and went on a shopping spree at the book fair...and then lied about it to his mother's face.

No, there was no way my sweet boy would do that.  But then, it would explain his mystery windfall...

As I faced him in the first grade hallway and handed him his lunch I calmly leveled with him. "Aidin...I have to ask you something and I need for you to tell me the truth because I am your mom and you cannot ever lie to me.  Did you take money out of my purse?"

*Nodding yes:
"I wanted those books but I only had $7.  I needed  $35...and I took the rest because I didn't know if there was tax."