Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hello, hello!!
I'm back from my trip, recovered from that lovely stomach bug and secretly hoping that it saved me the trouble of working off all the excess calories I consumed.
(Hey, if you gotta be sick you may as well look for the silver lining.)

Rather than bombard you with ALL my holiday pics, I'll just give you the highlights.

Snapping this photo of my Morfar in his Army jacket, holding a photo of himself in the same jacket as a young Corporal in the 1950's.

Also, hearing him tell the story of this cute Danish girl (my Mormor) coming to his base to see him while he was stationed in Europe and everyone was on lock-down (no way he was getting liberty to go hang out with her). But in a moment of desperation he walked right up to the Sergeant Major of the whole base and asked for a day pass. The Sergeant Major gave him a 3 day pass (unheard of) and they walked off the base with everyone asking him how he did it.