Monday, December 6, 2010

You Know When The Men Are Gone

Sometimes via email I am asked to review books or host giveaways for a certain product and 99% of the time I say no. If I wouldn't read it, watch it or use it in my own life, you can bet I'm not going to put it on my blog.
However, I agreed to read this book with no promise of recommendation if I didn't care for it.
Because I liked the front cover.

Ladies, if you read one book in 2011 make it this one.

The author, Siobhan Fallon, is an Army wife and an amazing writer. I finished the entire book in one day because I couldn't put it down. I was so pleased that she didn't sugarcoat anything or over-dramatize a lifestyle that's already dramatic enough. I have never read anything that captured military life so perfectly. The characters in each story are so vivid and brutally honest and their stories are ones we've all heard; stories that are real for those of us who live this every day. Even if you are not familiar with the military life, this book creates a window into what it's like.

Before Dan joined the Marine Corps, I had no real concept of war or sacrifice or military life whatsoever. The military was something in the news that didn't apply to me, therefore I disregarded it. But you can't ignore it when your husband is getting on that bus. You can't ignore it when it has become your life, and once it has become your life you will find that most people outside of your base or your military community have no concept of what it's like. How could they?
As a professed bibliophile I have read my share of military-related books, by both military and civilian authors. This one takes the cake. It is so refreshing to read an honest and genuine account of the military experience and I am excited to read more works by Mrs. Fallon in the future.

So when you see YOU KNOW WHEN THE MEN ARE GONE on the shelves on January 20, 2011 you need to get it, read it and pass it on.