Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today I want to wish my Morfar a Happy Birthday!!
(Morfar is Danish for mother's father.)

There used to be a huge willow tree just to the right of where Mormor and Morfar stand in this picture outside their home. My cousins and I spent countless summer days intertwined in the branches of that tree, or laying back on the lush green ivy that covered the ground beneath it. Morfar was the slave driver making us weed the vegetable garden on Saturday morning, but no one complained when Sunday dinner came around.
We always knew when Mormor was annoyed because she reverted to Danish; a language that no one but Morfar understood. They traveled the world together after Morfar retired as an astronomy professor and one Christmas morning I awoke to find three Africans playing spoons in our living room. Oh yes, Mormor and Morfar were in full African garb and I remember laughing, but not at them, just at the pure love of life they posses. Another night not long after that I was roused from a deep sleep to come outside to view whatever astronomical happening Morfar felt I needed to see. Sleep could wait, but this beautiful sight would only come every so often. This enthusiasm and love of life and new experiences is contagious and something I hope I can pass to my children.

I have so many precious memories of my Morfar and Mormor and I know that if the body reflected the health and vigor of the mind they would both look 21.

Love you, Morfar! Happy Birthday!