Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Getaway

I've been a tad depressed lately. Between the pay debacle we've been in, my last semester as a college student beginning and the huge life choices staring us down, I've been shrinking. Because that's what I seem to do when faced with mounting stress. I shrink. Little by little, day by day I shrink until my auto-pilot has taken over because I'm busy trying to shield myself from any additional stress by hiding in bed all day, reading books and feeling like dookie (thanks for the word, Jessica).
It came to a head last Thursday when Spouse triggered a mayor meltdown, Birdie style.

Spouse: "Lady, you're such a downer right now!! I think I"m just gonna go to bed."

Me: "I know and I'm sorry. I can't seem to snap out of it."

Spouse: " haven't been working out at all and you've been eating a lot of crap."

Me: "Yep, because if I'm depressed it MUST be my lack of physical fitness. It just CAN'T POSSIBLY be ANYTHING else...can it?!? I must be depressed because of how FAT I'm that it?!?"
*Shaky voice...jerky, splotchy faced tears followed by outright meltdown*

Spouse: (Rapidly looking around for an escape hatch..finding none.) "Lady, don't cry, I didn't mean anything...I'm just a dude, I don't get depressed...I just...Lady, I'm sorry, that was so lame of me to say...stop crying, please..."

Needless to say, it was ugly. However, in order to cheer me up he confessed to his surprise weekend plans for me. The surprise might have been ruined, but the weekend was a huge success!

He whisked me away (well, an hour away) to Wilmington. He only asked that I abstained from Facebook, blogging or any iPhone usage beyond checking in with our friend who had the boys. (I did so with only a few cheating moments when he was in the bathroom.) I think this will be our new norm for dates from now on. We had so much fun and were reminded once again of what's important. Our relationship and our family. Everything else is secondary.

At the end of the weekend I have these words of wisdom to impart:

Sometimes when life throws you lemons, you have to get the hell out of town.