Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Happenings

Sorry for my lack of blogging ladies. My mouth hurts wicked bad and I'm going back to the dentist today to see why!

This is a random post, because I have lots of random points.

1. Spouse took me to the bowling alley with the false promise that it's always empty. I needed this assurance because I've not been my usual beautiful self lately. Was it empty? Of course not. It was totally full, which around here means 80 Marines checking out my white trash roots, makeup-free face,mismatched outfit and swollen jaw. You know it's bad when you actually fit in at a bowling alley.
Line of the night:
Spouse: "You...don't look happy".
Me: "I'm NOT happy". (laser eyes blasting through his head)

2. "Precious iPhone, Spouse is getting very jealous of you...perhaps we should be more discreet."
*Yes, that is an actual statement I made to my iPhone while tucking it in last night.
Spouse took my iPhone away last night and I seriously started to twitch like an addict.

3. Today is my last day of the summer semester!! Three textbooks in 30 days. A regular semester of work crammed into a month. What a nightmare. Also, please accept this apology for my lack of blog hopping. I really, truly do want to read and comment at all my favorite blogs...but I paid so much more for student loans. It's a bitter reality.

4. I feel Peanut Butter's baby sweetness slipping from me. He is turning into one of the boys far too quickly!! The day I notice his cute little fingers have lost their chub will be a dark day in this house.

Shall we browse through Peanut's portfolio of cuteness?

Patriotic Peanut Butter

Afghan Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter looking an awful lot like Mr. Yunioshi from Breakfast At Tiffany's: