Monday, June 28, 2010

Letter To The Week

I am a little emotionally hungover right now. The past few days I've had a big dark cloud over my head, but Spouse has forbade me to blog about and it I must respect his wishes.
So I suppose I will just say that we're having to deal with circumstances beyond our control and it has made me feel very helpless, very bitter and very frustrated.

Moving on!
(I know, I'm such a tease.)

In response to the horrid awful mess that was last week, I have decided it would be best to approach this new week with cautious optimism. So I've composed a very lady-like letter.

Dear New Week,

As I'm sure you know, I am still a little shell-shocked from the events of last week. In light of said events I would really appreciate it if you could go easy on me this week. If you're going to surprise me, could you please make it a good surprise? For example, if you know of any rich individuals who would like to rid themselves of a large sum of money, I would gladly accept it. In exchange I will do my best to be very organized so as to avoid forgetting anything important that could later come back to haunt me. In addition, if you could please make my children more agreeable and less inclined to whine and argue all day, I would be ever so grateful. They are normally so delightful, but as late have been comfortably residing directly atop my last tenuous little nerve. And lastly, after unsuccessfully attempting to get out of an early morning workout with Spouse, I've decided that there must be an underweight person somewhere in the world (perhaps a recovered Anorexic?) who would really benefit from these few extra pounds currently located on my body. I know it's not much, but I help when I can.

I do so hope you take this under advisement, as I feel I will be forced to rather unladylike measures if one more person gives me the run around, attempts to "screw me over" (oh my!) or treats me unfairly.

Thank You Ever So Much,