Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Period of Adjustment

We spent the weekend on a fabulous mini-getaway (sans children), which included lots of yummy food, walking around downtown, trying on vintage clothes (while Spouse patiently waited) and one much-needed couples massage. It was super fun and definitely brought us back to the place we were before he left. I will never understand what he went through and he'll never grasp what it was like for me, but that really doesn't matter as long as we respect that it was a sacrifice for both of us and now it's time to move on together.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, albeit grudgingly. Last night I made dinner for the first time since Spouse's homecoming, which was a sign of the normalcy and routine of life returning. It is an odd transition to go from worrying that your Spouse will not make it home to thinking about what to make for dinner or which auto repair shop to use. That heavy burden that you've gotten used to carrying is gone, but the imprint remains, like a phantom limb.

Leave is coming up soon and I can't wait! My plan is to be as lazy as possible. Trips to the beach, a few bike rides with the family, perhaps some yummy sushi and a marathon of all the scary movies I wanted to watch while Spouse was gone!